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BIINGENIERIE is a leading provider of asset Integrity management and engineering services which improve operational reliability, safety and asset protection whilst at the same time helping to maximize plant performance and mitigate the constant challenges and hazards facing heavy industry.
We are an independent body with no ties to supply companies or proprietary services and products. This independence allows our engineers to make unbiased and forthright decisions to ensure equipment is designed, maintained, operated and decommissioned in a responsible manner which complies with industry best practices.

BIINGENIERIE delivers an established range of services which are market leading, international code compliant and offer a complete life-cycle solution for our clients. Our services can be effectively implemented at any stage of an asset’s life cycle and have been proven to drive down inspection, maintenance and repair costs whilst improving reliability and safety. From providing independent design verification services to delivering a fully integrated Integrity management and inspection service with permanent site based personnel, BI INGENIERIE can deliver a unique service tailored to our clients’ ever-changing needs

– Concept & detailed engineering
– Procurement and construction
– Commissioning
– Operations

  •  In-Service Integrity & Inspection
  •  Risk Based Inspection
  •  Maintenance Builds
  •  Integrity Audit
  •  Training
  •  Life extension

– Assessment & Survey
– Strategies & Procedures
– Fatigue & Creep Analysis

Principal activities

EPC project :

Construction & civil works
Industrial building
Wastewater stations
SCADA systems
Cathodic protection
Corrosion monitoring
Electrical substations & networks (VHV-MV & LV)

Maintenance :

Electrical & instrumentations
Valves & pomps

Audit & control :

RIG inspection

Technical assistance :

Slickline operations
RIG Operations & engineering

Corrosion & Chemical Management

1- Corrosion Risk Assessments & Planning BI INGENIERIE provides quantitative and qualitative corrosion risk assessments which address all modes of degradation found in heavy industry. Our specialists assign numerical values to perceived threats in accordance with risk matrix tables and individual failure probabilities are defined. Consequence modeling is performed to calculate a derived risk for each threat and barriers / mitigation actions are then aligned.
2- Chemical Testing & Fitness for Service BI INGENIERIE has extensive capabilities in performing fitness for service evaluations according to field conditions of both corrosion inhibitor and flow assurance chemicals.
We have working relationships with some of the world’s leading laboratories and our corrosion / chemical experts are regarded as some of the most experienced in the industry.
3- Lab Testing & Coupon Removal/ Analysis BI INGENIERIE works alongside our approved partners in delivering laboratory analysis and coupon / probe management services.
On behalf of our clients we manage the entire service and independently analyze and report results. This strengthens the overall corrosion management service by ensuring quality and independence of data being gathered.

Drilling and well services
(in partenship with DOLFINES ex-DIETSWELL)

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