Entreprise d’études et de réalisation BI Ingénierie


Who we are ?

  • Based at OUARGLA (800 km from Algiers), the company BI Ing. was founded in 2018 to provide its customers , industrial or utility professionals; total electrical solutions, engineering design, revamping & retrofit within the maintenance of existing installations, it operates mainly in oil&gaz
  • Our target is to meet with reliability & rapidity at the increasing &
    complex & specific needs of our clients & the industrial operators.
  • This is why, from the beginning we are client oriented into a large local market with modern technical tools & resources which are at the disposal of skilled & qualified team in order to always ensure to our company the best place among the national elite in this field.

Operating in all Sectors


According to ISO 9001 and 14001 standards, we work in

Bring complete solutions in oil&gaz : Turnkey or Bundle Utility & Industrial Installations.
Underground & Overhead Lines, Step-down & Step-up Transformation Substations,Power Transformers,
SCADA systems
Cathodic protections
Maintenance and spare parts.


Our projects are related to the respect of the
environmental requirements of ISO 14001

We work in cleaning of storage tanks and well heads
we use a catalyst, enzymatic, polyvalent with multiple reactions, intervenes as turbo-dispersant and super-solvent (paraffin inhibitor, with various other actions), accelerating the process of cold degreasing, by fluidifying by simple decomposition the crude oil and all kinds of hydrocarbons

The deace S. A. F. E ?

To opt for enzymes is to adopt a SAFE approach within the framework of CSR:

Security: guarantee a safe and secure use for the users by reducing the risks related to chemical detergents

Active: to allow an immediate, prolonged and in-depth efficiency superior to detergents chemical

Easy: benefit from simple use to save time on cleaning sessions

Environment: to make it possible to fight against the pollution of the discharges and to favor the bio-purification of discharge waters.

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